A teen by the name Shreekara B. from Puttur, along with his team has started a Twitter Campaign with #FlyFromIXE which aims at reviving the lost glory of the Mangalore International Airport.

Mangalore is the only city in the entire state to possess all four major modes of transportation in the country. The airport at Mangalore was built in the year 1951 and it is recognized as an International airport since 2012. However, due to the influence of several factors, the airport has become less functioning compared to other international airports in the country.

A team of students from Ambika Vidyalaya at Puttur noticed this disheartening trend decided to lead a campaign that would ensure the international standard of infrastructure and services at Mangalore International airport.

“The main aim of this campaign is to bring the underperforming international airport to the notice of authorities so that they can take the required action to revive it. we are modeling this campaign on the ‘say no to nh75 campaign’. WE REQUEST ALL YOUNGSTERS FROM IN AND AROUND THE CITY TO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THE CAMPAIGN TO REALIZE A TRULY WELL-FUNCTIONING INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AT MANGALORE”
(One of the pioneers of the #FLYFROMIXE campaign)

Shreekara B., the Social Media head of BIMN, is one of the pioneers of this campaign. Along with his teammates, he wishes that the concerned authorities would look into the matter of the underperforming international airport at Mangalore. The team also seeks that immediate necessary actions shall be taken in order to reverse the situation. In short, the main aim is to prevent Mangalore airport from becoming international in name and only local in its functioning.


The team has already come up with a list of recommended measures that can be sought to realize the revitalizing of the said airport. The suggestions include the availability of flights from and to various major cities across the world, improved transportation between major cities of the state and the airport, establishing hubs for major flight services, etc. Demands are also set for renaming the airport and creating an official website so as to let the passengers access necessary information.

Speaking about the initiative of its students, the Ambika Vidyalaya at Puttur has also assured its full support and encouragement. One of the institutions correspondents said that it is truly delightful to see youngsters thinking upon and striving to solve such issues. He further added that this is the trend that they wish to observe among the students.

The tweets have already caught the attention of many and the Air India Express has responded as follows to the tweet by Shreekara B.



  1. Mangalore airport runway extend up large size like a big aircraft landing facilities like a a380airbus and city to airport laying railway line and fourtrack highway also increase filghts service more connectivity


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