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In today’s episode I am going to tell you about genital cleanliness. Sometimes genital cleanliness is ignored by many of us. We don’t maintain the hygiene of our private parts. But our genitals are the most sensitive organ of the human body. So we need to take care of them.

Dr. Asha, Ayurvedic specialist, and professor of Karnataka Ayurvedic College and the hospital shared her expert opinion on genital cleanliness.

“Individuals should maintain personal hygiene and especially take care of Penis and Vagina respectively. Pubic hair should be trimmed and made as short as possible. Waxing or using a razor in the genital area is riskier, as there are chances of cuts and allergy. Women can use scissors and men can use trimmers for the trimming of pubic hair”

She further says, “Too much use of soap and other substances to clean genitals is not healthy. They contain chemicals, exposure to the highest toxicants may alter the ph balance of mucous lining in our genitals. Ph should be maintained because they prevent the entry of microorganisms into genitals. Too much usage of products like V-wash is also not healthy. If you have infections in your genitals, immediately consult the doctor and proper treatment should be taken”

How to keep our genitals clean?

1.     Whenever you urinate, clean your genital. Women can use a tissue or toilet paper to wipe the vagina, whereas men can wash the penis with water.

2.     You can use a little amount of soap once in a day. Carefully clean your reproductive organ.

3.     For men – Gently wash the penis with warm water each day  If you have a foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath.


4.     Patrick French, a consultant physician in sexual health, says: “It’s really surprising how many men don’t clean underneath their foreskin. Not only do they regularly develop complications from poor hygiene, but it’s also very off-putting for a sexual partner.”

5.     Wear dried underwear and don’t wear of it is wet. Especially in the rainy season make sure you dry them under the fan.

6.     Moisture in undergarments paves a way for the entry for microorganisms which latter causes fungal infections

During Periods

1.     Irrespective of the sanitary product you use, change them once in 8 hours.

2.     If you use cloth, use Dettol to wash it and dry the cloth in sunlight.

3.     You can also keep the tissue paper to clean menstrual which is stuck to the lips of the vagina

Cleaning genitals after SEX

Most of the couples fall into sleep after sexual intercourse. This can lead to the cause of many infections. After sex, both the vagina and the penis need to be cleaned by slightly warm water. If warm water is not available you can use normal water. Pour water on your genitals and wipe them slowly. Soap or other substances are not required.

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