In part 1 I briefed about sex education and comprehensive sex education. Iam overwhelmed for the positive responses I received for this venture. I promise the readers that I will cover wide range of topics related to sex education. Let us normalise sex and sex education.

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I will put forth two examples which I found during case study

  • A fifteen year old girl in Sagara committed suicide, as she didn’t get her first periods. Her peers were teasing her for not attaining maturity. She got depressed and hung herself.
  • One of my frnd shared his encounter with me. When he was in 9th standard he was so curious about sexual intercourse. So he went near sex worker and pleaded her to have coitus with him. She accepted his request and they had a intercourse without contraception.

In the first case, if the girl would have received proper sex education, she would have not ended up her life. Adolescents should be taught that this is normal. Periods are a natural phenomenon, the arrival of periods depends on various factors. Delayed Period is a common problem for girls.

In the second case, the juvenile boy had sexual intercourse at a very young age. He didn’t use protection and there are chances of getting infected to Sexually transmitted diseases by having sexual intercourse with a sex worker. If he had received sex education stressing on moral values, he would have understood what is right and what is wrong.

Comprehensive sexual education or adolescent education is required for the teenagers to normalise sex and sexuality. Teenage which is often referred as dangerous age, paves the way for adolscents to move in a wrong path and thus becoming vulnerable.

National Council of Educational research and training (NCERT) brought guidelines for sex education which is to be taught for 8th

grade students nationwide. But currently sex education/adolescent education is taught only in metropolitan cities; wherein rural parts, teacher skips the whole chapter in science text book.

The Union HRD Ministry and Health ministry collaborated together and formulated health and wellness curriculum for highscool students in which sex education is replaced by the name adolescent education

Recently love matters India, a twitter page had created a hashtag challenge #SexEdChallenge, which was trending in India for a while. Many twiterretis involved in the challenge and shared their views about implementation of CSE.  “ National Education Policy which is to be implemented from 2021 must include sex education as curriculum for highschool students.”

In India problem lies with the mentality of family and also society. They always tend to blame girls rather than boys. The mistakes committed by girls are considered as crime where in boys are allowed to encounters mistakes and no one forbids them.

Daughters are educated by mothers regarding periods, menstrual cycle and about the changes in girls body. But sons are not educated by anyone regarding the changes in their body, about night fall and morning wood.

(Morning wood is formally called by the name Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT). Men may wake up with erect penis. This is most common in younger men. Nightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep. This is generally caused by sexual arousal and orgasm from dreams)

to be continued….




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