Mangalore: Go Air one of India’s low cost airline is expected to start direct flights from Mangalore to Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Mumbai shortly.

Go Air will be the first airline to serve flights in Mangalore-Ahmedabad sector. The flights to Bengaluru,Mumbai from Mangalore will be additional flights being currently operated by Indigo,Spicejet and Air India.

As per the latest news and as per Go Air’s official website, it is said that flights to Ahmedabad,Mumbai will fly on daily basis and flights to Bengaluru will fly 6 days of week, no flight on Tuesday.

Flight number G8 137 will depart from Ahmedabad International Airport at 8.05 am and arrive at Mangalore International Airport at 9.55 am.

Flight number G8 138 will leave Mangalore International Airport at 7.25 pm and arrive at Ahmedabad International Airport at 9.10 pm. This flight will further fly to Lucknow.


Flight number G8 335 will leave Mangalore at 10.25 am and land at Mumbai airport at 11.55 am.

Flight number G8 338 will leave Mumbai at 3.35 pm and land at Mangalore at 4.55 pm.

The flight will leave Bangalore at 11.50 am and land at Mangalore at 12.50 pm. Flight will depart from Mangalore at 1.20 pm and land at Bangalore airport at 2.20 pm.

On Wednesday the flight will leave Bangalore at 12.30 pm and land at Mangalore at 1 pm. It will leave Mangalore at 2 pm and land at Bangalore Airport at 3 pm.

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